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Disasters and Political Bias

In today’s Cape Cod Times, columnist Sean Gonsalves explores the concept of disasters and their relationship to economic and social policies as well as the role of government in our lives.  He engages MassPoliticsProfs contributor Peter Ubertaccio in the conversation.

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On William Bulger

Here’s a short one. Last month I published a piece in CommonWealth Magazine online titled “The William Bulger I know.”

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Town Halls & Politics by Other Means

Scott Brown continues to be excoriated by his Democratic opponents in Massachusetts for his lack of town hall meetings.  The website of the Massachusetts Democratic Party has a ticking clock updating us on the exact number of days, hours, minutes, seconds of his time in office without a town meeting. 

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Advice to Our Ex-Governor

The present race for the 2012 Republican nomination is a mirage. Don’t be fooled! Don’t be lured into the madness! Keep your head down and RAISE MONEY!

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A Twitter Account and a Campaign’s Narrative

Eric Fehrnstrom’s twitter issues have now passed.  A full admission is always the best strategy, a word which would have been helpful to remember while the anonymous posts were flying.  The larger issue is what this lapse in judgment does to the candidacy of Scott Brown.

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Poor Martin Lomasney

Poor Martin Lomasney must be rolling in his grave today. It was Lomasney, the boss of Ward 8 in Boston, who advised politicos “Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink.”

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More Mass. political culture — Edgar Litt

          Edgar Litt’s 1965 book The Political Cultures of Massachusetts has been used by many scholars of the state’s politics through the years, like Jerome Mileur, Jerold Duquette, Anne Marie Cammisa, etc. I’ll refer to Litt often in posts on political culture so here’s a summary of his ideas.

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Progressive Era Direct Democracy and Sarah Palin

Reading the tea leaves on a possible Sarah Palin presidential bid remains a fascinating thing to observe. 

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Can we have better polls?

The 2012 political polling season is already in full swing for the people’s senate seat in Massachusetts, so I’d like to offer a few suggestions for how we can get more out of political polling.

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Reason to Relax on the Vineyard

There is much for Democrats to worry about as their leader takes a well deserved break on the Vineyard.  But one small cause for relaxation is that he is not facing a primary challenger in 2012–at least not yet.

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